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What is Soft Design Style?

As a designer I’m a lover of all interior design styles, but as I continue to evolve and gain confidence in my own style I realize that I’m most always drawn to rooms with soft lines. While I appreciate the sleek modernity of contemporary design, the angles always seem a bit too harsh for me and the rooms lack the warmth that I crave.

I’ve named my personal style quirky traditional, built around classic lines but always with a touch of whimsy so that my rooms aren’t too serious.  I want to live in my home and not be afraid to put my feet up on the coffee table if I feel like it. And you’ll usually find my signature Buddha and animal print lurking around as well!

For me softness means that the lines and colours of my furnishings are subtle, light and comfortable, but I’ve discovered that softness speaks to me in architectural and sculptural detail as well.

Here are examples of rooms that are quietly beautiful because of their soft, welcoming aesthetic. I hope I’ve inspired you to do some soul searching to discover your own personal style. If you’re unsure, there’s help! Take my design style quiz:

Arched Doors - Do you know your design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
The arched doors of this clever bar cabinet are full of character and rounded softness.
And I love all the carved detail and creamy white colour.
Image via Luxe Magazine
Arched Plasterwork - What is soft design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
This sculptural softness of the plaster walls and ceiling reminds me of a soft ice-cream
cone. The dome and arches are repeated in the shape of the lantern and the recessed niche
provides the perfect space for the hall chest and mirror. Even the chest – with its bow front
reflects the theme. This vignette in bold colours simply wouldn’t have the same impact.
Image via Traditional Home Magazine
Brick Arched Window - What is soft design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
Doesn’t this room make you want to curl up in one of the sofas with a book? It’s a perfect
example of using texture to create visual interest in a neutral room. The creamy hues –
even in the whitewashed stone – are inviting, but their softness allows the beautiful arched
window to take centre stage. When you have a focal point like this, don’t detract from it with
uncalled-for busyness.
Image via Traditional Home Magazine

Arched Garden Gate - Do you know your design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
Ok, so this isn’t an interior room, but it represents the feel I’m describing to you so I had to
include it in this blog! Isn’t this so much more interesting and inviting than a squared-off
garden gate? You’re starting to get the feel for soft lines now, aren’t you!
Image via Instagram
Arched Mirror - What is soft design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
I found this mirror the other day while on a scouting mission. I love the arch but also love the
architectural details of the pilasters and dentil moulding. The light colour also makes this one a winner in my books. I’m currently deciding on a space for it in my own home! That’s the danger while shopping for our clients – we just can’t leave the items that speak to us behind!
Image via Designer Girl Interiors
Sculpted Alcove - What is soft design style by Michelle Reid at Designer Girl
I saved this image for last because it is just so darn beautiful! Everything about this space is absolutely brilliant. I know I’m always saying “it’s all about the details“, and doesn’t this bathroom show how true that really is? So what makes this space work? The architectural scalloped alcove, the roundness of the tub, the soft lavender on the walls, the delicate print of the drapery and the gorgeous crystal chandelier. It’s so well done that it looks effortless until you begin to look at each of the elements that went in to making it so special. It’s all about the details….never forget that!
Image via Architectural Digest Magazine

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