How does it work if I’m not located in NS?

No problem! We’ll meet virtually and then we’ll send you our recommendations for your project.

What if I want you to shop for us and deliver everything to our home?

No problem! We can arrange for drop shipping on products. We’ll simply send you a total of all items “in cart” with shipping for approval before we purchase them on your behalf. Anything over $2000 we’ll be in contact to secure payment before we purchase.

What’s your experience working with a budget?

We always work within a client’s budget. No matter how big or small.

Can you REALLY redesign my space in a two-hour window?

We absolutely can provide our recommendations for redesign in two hours. If you want to “buy” more time on an hourly rate, we’re happy to extend our service.

Do I need to do anything before we meet?

If we are meeting virtually it would be helpful to have photos of the room(s) and their dimensions ahead of time.

After our consultation, how quickly can I expect to receive my plan and renderings?

Within 7-10 days!

What happens if we want your professional advice on items we’ve already chosen?

No problem! We’re happy to offer that advice.