Practical Glam


I love this because…..I think I was a crow in a past life! Give me sparkle and I’m a happy girl!

 It works because…..Life is stressful and serious, so everyone needs a bit of glam in their lives.

 I use it to…..Influence my design decisions when working on home décor, and sometimes they show up in the most unlikely places.

Home décor mimics runway style more than you think. Colors, fabrics and moods cross the border between what we wear and what we are drawn to in home décor. Those that know me understand my desire to “wow” with the smallest of details while always thinking about the practical side of life. If it’s beautiful but high maintenance – it doesn’t cut it with me. I know my clients lead busy lives like me and don’t want to be a slave to their homes.

I purchased this necklace on a trip to Miami and it was the inspiration piece for impact in a recent kitchen design. Using beveled mirror transom doors instead of traditional glass resulted in a reflection of light from the window and the island pendants for the perfect amount of sparkle. It was a small detail that created quite a stir among visitors. Practical? Yes! No glass doors exposing less than desirable plastic serving dishes that should really be hidden away!


Practical glam…..because everyone deserves a little!

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Michelle Reid

For nearly a decade I’ve honed my distinct eye for style in the interiors industry and have become known for classic style and my ability to transform spaces on a realistic budget. I’m obsessed with details and have helped over one hundred families build or renovate their homes, on time and on budget. My ultimate goal is for you to live well in the space we’ve created together.

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