Does Your Foyer Say Who You Are?

Foyers are the logical first place in your house to share your personality – a chance to give your guests a taste of your design style and create the anticipation of what’s ahead. It’s an important place in the home to make a statement, but aiming for a ‘welcoming’ feel should be your ultimate intention. After all, it is also for you and your family to use – and you should feel at home as soon as you open the door.

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A well thought out foyer with interesting elements offers a smooth transition to the interior of this home – Houzz

There are a few important elements to consider when decorating your foyer, so give them careful thought:

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1. Low-maintenance flooring – tile is the logical choice at the site of the door, but if your hardwood extends throughout, choose an ample sized rug to take the wear and tear of the outside elements. –

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2. A console table for holding your keys or a handbag – and if you are space challenged, consider a wall mount version – Houzz


3. A mirror to do a quick check before you head out the door – 2012 Lifestyle Home by Rooftight

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4. A bench or chair to assist while removing or putting on outside footwear. – Pinterest

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 5. And this is definitely the place to incorporate statement lighting – Pinterest

Get creative with your decorating and incorporate some new ideas that push outside the box! If it reflects your personality, then go for it! Nothing is more important than feeling that you belong in the space where you live, and it all begins in the foyer.

The great thing about this tiny space called a foyer is that every home can have a functional, well-styled entry regardless of whether you’re in a multi-million dollar mansion or a one-bedroom apartment.

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