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Craving change now that Spring is almost here?

Instead of repainting your walls – accent pillows are one of the quickest and easiest ways to mix things up without completely redecorating a space. They also provide an opportunity to play around with colors and patterns that you may be afraid to try on a larger scale. Accent pillows visually soften a space and are a great way to introduce texture into any room. They are one of the finishing details that can elevate a room from functional to well-styled and magazine ready!

Sarah Richardson Chaises

Sarah Richardson

But it’s not as easy as throwing five or six of them on a sofa to create ‘instant fabulous’. There is a method to get that perfectly styled look that you see in home decorating magazines – and as with most things – it’s about the details.

1. Determine the main color scheme as well as that of the other accent items in the room like draperies, rug, and artwork. You could choose pillows with similar colors to them or something completely contrasting to the rest of the room’s elements. This would instantly make the pillows become the focal point in the room, so be sure that’s where you want to direct the focus.

2. You also need to think of the pattern when choosing accent pillows.

Neiman Marcus Print Pillows

The above bold pillows from Neiman Marcus are a great choice if you want to create an eye-catching look. Mix several prints for a more dynamic look – strong geometric patterns are one of my favorites. They work well in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Try using a bold pattern for one pillow and complimenting with others in a smaller same-color pattern. I love this look because it’s co-ordinated without being too matchy-matchy.

3. What’s the perfect sofa pillow size? I like 18 – 24” square, but on a low back sofa you may want to go down a size to 16”. Consider a lumbar cushion on your accent chairs to mix up the pillow shape and keep things in proportion.

Lumbar 2

  1. Down pillow forms are the softest but also the priciest, so consider how the pillows will be used in the room. Will they be used for napping or just to introduce some color to the room? Foam forms are stiffer but hold their shape well.
  1. How many is too many? Make it cozy, but for goodness sake – leave some room for your guests to sit down! This is just too much of a good thing and design should never be created at the sake of real life living in any room.


Accent pillows are a perfect way to add texture to a room – woven leathers, furs, knits, velvets – be bold or go soft, but adding this element personalizes your room and gives it a feeling of warmth and authenticity.


Pillows add personality. They give character to a room and are often the element that connects the whole decor and makes it feel complete. There should always be an element of fun in any room to showcase your personality, so never be afraid to throw in something unpredictable.

Spend a little or a lot for the perfect pillow, but do have fun with this most impactful accessory!


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