Making Time

I reunited with my gal-pals last night to walk the runway at Veronica MacIsaac’s Fall show. “C’mon, it’ll be fun!” my friend Cheryl (owner of City Models) urged. My head was saying no – it was a Friday night after a busy week of client meetings, job-site checks and endless paperwork – but my heart said yes. So I once again packed my model bag and headed to the venue after work.


A glass of wine, multiple hugs and a few hours of catching up later, and I knew I had made the right decision. The five of us laughed over make up and hair results, compared ourselves to the twenty-something girls beside us and reminisced about past fashion show stories….all before we strutted our stuff at the 35 minute show. While the twenty-somethings preened themselves and stayed solo, we sat huddled together catching up on twenty-something years of stories. The show was just a job – the pre-show with my gal pals was the main event.

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Michelle Reid

For nearly a decade I’ve honed my distinct eye for style in the interiors industry and have become known for classic style and my ability to transform spaces on a realistic budget. I’m obsessed with details and have helped over one hundred families build or renovate their homes, on time and on budget. My ultimate goal is for you to live well in the space we’ve created together.

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