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I love all kinds of texture and right now I’m loving the throwback feel of fringe. But make no mistake – 2019 fringe is not the stuffy turn of the century look that you may be picturing. Oh no. It’s long, luxe and oh so silky.

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The parallel between fashion and interiors is ever present, and the fringe trend is no exception. Dresses, handbags and jewelry are the perfect stage for this look that’s pure boho, but this time there’s a sophistication that elevates it to a whole new level of chic. I love the provocative statement it makes when swishing from side to side. There’s just something about the movement of those silky strings that is mesmerizing.

Fringe is equally captivating on home furnishings and accessories – adding texture but in a new and unexpected way – and I love incorporating that kind of surprise in my interiors.
However, as much as I love the look it’s not a trend that will last forever, so if you are a bit timid about investing in a large statement piece then maybe dipping your toe in the water with a sofa cushion or light shade will satisfy your curiosity. That way you can enjoy fringe in the moment but not be out a big investment when the trend fades.

Design is all about balancing classic elements with something unexpected. It keeps things interesting and it’s what will have your guests saying, “I don’t know what it is, but this room just feels right” Rooms that successfully blend this design style are called transitional or eclectic. I call it pure magic.

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