Are You Boho When It Comes To Home Decor?

What is Boho?

Wikipedia describes it as this:

The term Bohemian is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. 

So how do you know if you’re boho chic when it comes to your interiors? 

This is truly a style that says “no thanks” to anything that has structure. Bohemians simply don’t care. They take great comfort in displaying the items they’ve collected – sometimes over many years – that fill their homes with character.  I love that the design rules of boho are that there are no rules. This style has an incredibly relaxed vibe that speaks its message with rich tones, texture and pattern. More is more with this aesthetic – Boho design is the polar opposite of minimalist modernism. It’s full of life in a hippie kind of way and definitely not for the serious minded!

So what are the recurring elements of boho style?

Plants – an absolute must for Bohos as much for their health benefit as for the decorative aspect.

Boho plants by Michelle Reid at
What a perfect feline lounge area
via Pinterest

Music – Because Bohemians are artists after all.

Music in Boho Interior by Michelle Reid at
Record albums add one more Boho element to this living area
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Lots of cushions – and make sure they’re printed, multicoloured and spilling off the sofa or chairs.

Pile on the cushions by Michele Reid at
Loads of texture, colour and comfort
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Rugs – textured, patterned and even better if they’re layered.

When more is more. by Michele Reid at
When more is more.
Via Instagram

You can sprinkle a little Boho into your rooms or you can go full on Hollywood, but if this is a new adventure for you, you may want to keep things on the minimal side. You can always add more – and you will – if you’re a true bohemian!

Now It’s time for me to pour a glass of wine, put my feet up and watch Bohemian Rhapsody once again. Thanks Freddie Mercury for inspiring and enriching so many lives.

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