Keep your cool with warm whites

Something about the hot weather lately has me drawn to rooms decorated in warm whites.

It brings to mind a relaxed cottage-y vibe….you know, gauze curtains billowing in the ocean breeze…. but it goes way beyond that calming and tranquil feel. I love the sense of spaciousness in a room decorated with layered whites that cannot be duplicated with deeper, more vibrant colors.

Photo via Houzz

Photo via Houzz

This look is all about creating a soft palette by using whites that include everything from ivory to sand. It’s more about mood than it is color so to
compliment the relaxed vibe natural accessories work well – wicker baskets, Mongolian lamb pillows or a textured knit throw.

Neutrals are rarely exciting in their own right, but they become memorable and sophisticated when paired with one another. Off white works especially well with tans and browns with warm undertones to play up the softness. This color combination is truly traditional and has so many fantastic possibilities.

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

The key to this relaxed sophisticated look is to forget about making it perfect….it’s texture that creates the memorable feeling. Texture is important in any neutral room, but cream-on-cream or light colored neutrals demand more, so don’t be shy!

Photo via Martha O'Hara Interiors

Photo via Martha O’Hara Interiors

There is a sleek, pulled-together look in an all off-white color palette. Enjoy the airy layers and quietness that make every day feel like a lazy summer weekend.

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