Design Services

In Person Consultation

You have an eye for design. But let me guess – you’re struggling to put your vision together and don’t know where to start. I’ll give you the confidence you require to move in the right direction. We’ll collaborate and create the new look together, and I’ll provide you with a detailed plan so you stay on track and create a new space that will make you smile every time you walk in!


Designed to Sell

Listing your home to sell is a big decision. It’s emotional and overwhelming, but I have a simple solution to make the experience easier on you and help your listing stand out. It’s all about showcasing your home in a way that helps the buyer visualize themselves living there.

During our consultation I’ll share top room design techniques and coach you on the necessary steps to prepare your house for sale with the furnishings that you already own. And I’ll detail exactly how to depersonalize rooms so that buyers immediately experience a visual and emotional connection with your home.


Colour Consultation

Choosing colour just got easier. As a True Colour Expert* and a trained designer my experience will guide you through the process before you ever hit the paint store and make a costly mistake. The result will be a harmonious colour scheme that resonates with you, looks amazing on your walls and makes you feel great every time you come home. Interior and exterior consultations available.


Renovation and New Construction

It’s the biggest purchase of your life. You know the look you want, but getting it right requires an expert to guide you through the process.
A decade of experience in new construction means I have knowledge in design/build well beyond selecting finishes and am considered the go-to expert in this area of design.

Together we’ll create a stylish home that celebrates your vision, your values and your being.

Pricing based on scope of work YES, PLEASE.